If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it
— Toni Morrison

The samples below are to give prospective clients a feel of my writing style.  The writing I do is not limited to the topics, styles or formats these samples present. I can work within whatever style your project requires.  

The following is a sample chapter from a mystery novel.

The oppressive heat of the Georgia summer day settled around the two boys by the creek like a familiar friend. The dry wind fell from the trees and whispered through the brown parched grass, gently stirring the damp brown hair on Dillion Mercer's forehead. Using his forearm, which was minimally cleaner then his dirt browned hands, he pushed his sweat soaked hair from his face. Dillon and his brother Derrick had just made their way through town to settle beside the creek. They had passed up the pond, deciding instead to risk fishing at the creek because it was notorious for the biggest catfish in all of Georgia. Cicadas buzzed in the dense trees across the river. The sound fell and rose to a frenzied crescendo to fall again as if the forest itself had a pulse.

The boys lay their tackle box and can of worms beside the bank of the creek. Dillon was tempted to put his feet in the cool water to relieve himself of the heat. Staring into the water he hesitated wondering what was hiding just bellow the surface covered by the murky shadows. Dillon looked around nervously at the thought. Coming to the creek always made him a little jumpy. He couldn't let Derrick notice though or he would never live it down.

While Derrick busily got his fishing line ready, Dillon stretched out long and lazy in the grass with his head resting on his arms. He stared up at the blue late afternoon sky stretched endless before him like the hopes of a child. He watched a bird fly through the sky toward a destination known only to itself. Dillion's eyebrows furrowed in thought. It was not a bird native to their small town. He had seen that type of bird only once before when his pa took him into the city. There was a whole mess of them, and they had been harassing the folks for crumbs of food, sometimes before they were even done eating. What was this bird doing all the way out here he wondered.

"Hey Derrick?" He asked breaking the serenity. "What's that bird that lives up in the city always eatin the crumbs and such?"

"What are you on about Dillon?” Derrick asked.

"I was wondering, what was that bird?" While Dillon was often kinder and more observant than his brother, Derrick had the advantage of a strong memory.

"Pigeons, why you thinking about that?" Derrick asked annoyed by his brothers tangent.

"Ain't nothin', thought I saw one," Dillon responded.

"Quit dilly dallyin and let's catch us some fish before anyone sees us out here," Derrick said. Dillon sat up and got to work on his own fishing pole. The boys fished with few words shared between them. They were both glad for the break from their fathers farm. Their bucket slowly filled with fat, oversized cat fish as their shadows grew longer with the setting sun.

"We best be gettin back soon," Dillon said gathering his pole for the walk back to the farm. With that suggestion a tug came on Derrick’s line.

"Let me get this last one up," Derrick said excited that he had caught more then his brother. By the strong pull on the line Derrick could tell he had a big one. As the fish came flying out of the

water caught on the line, water sprayed everywhere. The giant catfish put the others to shame as it struggled wildly against Derricks line.

"Oh lord thats a big un! Woo wee thats liable to swallow you up whole Derrick," Dillon whooped.

"Ain't nothin," Derrick said with mock humility while grinning huge. "This one here is gonna be supper tonight!" Derrick left the fish on his string, so he could show it off as they walked back through town towards the farm.

"Hey Derrick, you need some help carryin that sucker?" Ask sheriff Carl as the boys paraded through town.

"Nah Sheriff" Derrick grinned proudly.

The farm house was an old, large family home at the end of a dirt driveway. The home had been in the Mercer family for five generations, but was showing signs of disrepair in recent years. The disrepair betrayed the Mercer’s limited means as a result of the recent depression. When they made it back to their farm, their father, Mickey was putting up the horses after plowing all day. Despite having a family reputation as chicken thieves and lazy drunkards, Mickey and his boys were hardworking and tried to stay honest. Derrick ran up to his dad with a wide grin as proud as ever.

“What are you smiling about boy?” Mickey said teasing his son. Derrick revealed his fine catch. Mickey whistled is admiration. “That’s my boy. Look at this catch Ma!” Mickey called for his wife who was in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. As she came out she shook her head at the boys carrying on.

“You must be mighty pleased with yourself Derrick Mercer. Now go on out back and clean it up boys then I can make some supper," their mamma said. The boys ran out back to clean out the fish. Derrick got out his sharp boning knife. He expertly cut through the fish's thick hide behind its gills, turned it and did the same on the other side. Then holding the fish with his left hand he sliced through it’s belly. Derrick had cleaned and flayed fish countless number of times, but something about this fish gave him pause. It's insides didn't look quiet right. He poked around a little with his hands and worked on scraping the insides clean when he suddenly jumped up and let out a yell dropping the fish to the ground.

"What is it?" Startled Dillon ran up beside his brother. He looked at the surprise on his brother's face, and there was something else there too. Something he rarely saw and almost didn't recognize. It was fear. Dillon looked down at what had his brother so spooked and let out a gasp. Sticking out of the cat fish's stomach was a small human finger.

"What the hell?" Dillon shouted reaching for it.
"Don't touch it!" Derrick shouted. "Who knows whose finger that is! We gotta go tell daddy."