If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it
— Toni Morrison

The samples below are to give prospective clients a feel of my writing style.  The writing I do is not limited to the topics, styles or formats these samples present. I can work within whatever style your project requires.  

Young Adult Fiction


She stared out her window at the bleak desolation that had once been her home town. The sun shown brightly illuminating in stark contrasts the man made Structures laid to waste making a mockery of the glory once held when humans reigned supreme. She watched a stray line of light glint of a crack ridden window pane clinging desperately to the frame of the burnt out Verizon office complex. The light broke apart upon hitting the pane and scattered into many half multi-colored prisms creating an illusion of dancing brilliance across the blackened brick and twisted metal.  Elise often preferred this landscape to the one that had predated it.  There was a calming peace to the destruction that forced the population to slow down and take notice.

Perhaps it was the inherent arrogance of human kind that brought them to this fate, Elise wondered. Although the reasons didn't really matter. The only thing that mattered was the outcome of the judgement.  It hadn't gone exactly as was predicted. While most people believed this day would come eventually, the details had gotten lost somewhere in translation. In hind sight, thinking back to those first days when no one knew anything and speculation was as varied and rampant as 1990’s one hit wonders, the first thing that struck her as unusual was the man on the corner of 5th and river street. He sat by the corner so frequently he had become part of the scenery until one day he wasn't. It was such a wanton void in the typical everyday that Elise took noticed. The man was obviously without a home; Elise had no idea if he had ever left that corner before or why he had adopted that particular corner, filled with passerby’s and trash cans, as his permanent spot. It wasn't a bad spot as these kinds of spots go. He had ample opportunity to rant at people about the coming doom he claimed to have fore knowledge of. His audience equated to at least half the town since most people visited the corner of 5th and river in order to pick up liquor. So That is how Doc, which is what everyone called him although Elise didn't know why, passed his days. Worrying about the eternal souls of his fellow man and doling out strict warnings.

Until one day, that appeared like any other to everyone else, Doc looked around as if waking from a long dream, shrugged his shoulders and walked off. The pedestrians on the corner of 5th and river stopped abruptly at this and watched Doc walk off. More then a few asked him were he was going. To which his only reply was "it's time to go." At the time everyone debated if they should intervene and lock him away in an asylum somewhere, and while that was the general consensus of the crowd that day, no one wanted to be ultimately responsible for doc's fate. So off he walked.

 After Doc disappeared from his corner, the world started falling apart in earnest.  Despite the grim nature of the events since that day, Elise’s mouth turned up slightly at the thought of Doc being right.